COVID-19 Support Finder

Tool to help South African businesses find support

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13 April 2020

Wesgro, in partnership with the Western Cape Government and the City of Cape Town, has launched a tool to help South African businesses find funding.

The tool, called the COVID-19 Support Finder, is aimed at making it easier for businesses to navigate the various packages available to them.

The tool asks the user five questions, ranks the answers against predetermined criteria, and provides a list of relief measures the business can apply for. CLICK HERE or on the image below.

While this tool was developed by the Western Cape Government, it is open to all businesses in South Africa.

“The lockdown is essential to stop the spread of COVID-19, but we know that times are tough for business,” said the Western Cape’s Minister of Finance David Maynier.

“That is why, now more than ever, we want to support businesses by giving them trusted information that will help them get through this, stay safe, and stay resilient.”

Many private sector entities and government departments have announced financial support for businesses struggling with the COVID-19 lockdown.

In the Western Cape a tool for businesses called the COVID-19 Support Finder has been developed by the provincial and city governments and Wesgro.

The tool asks the user 5 easy questions, ranks the answers against pre-determined criteria and provides a list of relief measures the business may be applicable for.

To explain this further were joined via Skype by the Wesgro CEO, Tim Harris.

Support for businesses

There has been several support measures for businesses launched from both the private sector and government departments recently.  The government has established a Solidarity Fund, which includes private donations and seed capital from the state, to help businesses.

The Rupert family and Remgro have established a R1-billion fund called the Sukuma Relief Programme to assist SMEs with grants and loans.  Nicky and Jonathan Oppenheimer have also established the South African Future Trust (SAFT), with R1 billion in funding.  The SAFT will transfer funds directly to employees of participating SMMEs, via interest-free loans where employees themselves carry no liability.

Mary Oppenheimer, along with her daughters, has donated R1 billion to the Solidarity Fund to assist struggling South Africans.

Additionally, Patrice Motsepe and associated companies have pledged R1 billion which will be used to assist providing medical equipment to assist with the crisis.

Naspers has donated R1.5 billion to combat the coronavirus in South Africa and help businesses, too. R500 million was donated to the Solidarity Fund, and the rest will be used buy personal protective equipment and other medical supplies.

Helping businesses to find the best option

Wesgro CEO Tim Harris said their tool makes it easier for businesses to navigate the various packages available to them.

“We’re here to help businesses navigate the complex funding environment in a unique and user-friendly way,” said Harris.

“Together with our government partners, we will constantly keep the tool up to date to help companies adapt in this time of crisis.”

The interview below provides more details about the COVID-19 Support Finder tool for businesses.

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13 April 2020

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